Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chapter 3, The Malone/Franklin County Fair

Still in the poultry barn, I passed by lots of ducks of various breeds. These were Muscovy ducks:

And these were Fawn and White Indian Runner Ducks. I know this breed quite well because I used to have a flock of them and sold their eggs. They lay bigger and more numerous eggs than any chicken:

And another of my personal favorites, Fantail Pigeons. I almost wrote down the name of the breeder so I could buy some, but then thought better of it. I have enough to do, enough animals, enough barn to clean, enough feed to buy. So I simply admired them, snapped their photo and moved on:

I don't remember what breed these were, but they might have been Roller Pigeons:

And Call Ducks (miniatures, like bantam chickens):

And Guinea Fowl:

Silky Chickens. Sadly, I later realized that I'd skipped over the full sized chickens. But then I'd seen quite a few birds and there was still a lot of county fair to see:

So I walked to the midway. This was the first day of the fair and it had only been open an hour or so. Folks were just arriving and the big crowds were several hours away. All the better for taking pictures:

But most of the rides were in motion, the music was blasting and the aromas of fried foods filled the air:

And children were begging their parents to go on rides - the very rides which would, of course, make them cry:

Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, Fried Oreos and Deep Fried Kool-Aid. A dietician's nightmare come to life:

Fresh squeezed lemonade:

Lots of games with lots of prizes. But there was more, and I'll post additional midway photos tomorrow:

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