Monday, September 30, 2013

Part 2 - Porter Lynch Road

I was surprised to find that Porter Lynch Road was very long, stretching from the town of Stockholm into the town of Norfolk and then back into Stockholm again:

Most of the road was agricultural and there were lots of fields with hay bales and farm equipment:

Herds of beef cattle out on pasture:

Spacious, comfortable homes with wonderful porches:

Old barns with sagging roofs:

Old farm houses:

And some antique farm equipment:

I thought this barn was still in use until I noticed the trees growing through its roof:

Big old trees in front of country homes:

Horse barns:

And, of course, horses:

This last photo of my tour seemed to be the very essence of Porter Lynch Road. A well kept flower garden, an older home with a barn out back. This looked to me like a place I'd like to call home. But of course I already had a home and had delayed getting back to it for too long already. So I put away my camera and pointed the car in that direction:

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