Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Romp In A Newly Mowed Hay Field

I was surprised and delighted to discover that my south hay field had been mowed while I was away. The fragrant hay lay in windrows for the length and breadth of the field. So, on Sunday morning, I took the dogs for a romp in the south field. Madeline and Fergus were quite happy:

And little PeeWee insisted on going with us. He was absolutely, positively not going to stay behind while the rest of us went for a walk. So I carried him as far as the field and set him down:

Madeline thought the smells were fascinating:

So fascinating, in fact, that she just had to roll around in the hay. PeeWee didn't even seem to notice:

We didn't walk far, though the younger dogs got to run in big circles. PeeWee toddled along, apparently quite happy about this new adventure:

Seamus didn't run, but he did cover a lot of ground:

PeeWee did have trouble when he came to a windrow. "How am I supposed to get across this, Dad?"

I gave a call and got them all moving back toward the house and barn:

And PeeWee kept chugging along:

It was all great fun:

PeeWee was moving slowly, but no one minded:

In fact, PeeWee seemed to be having a grand time. Perhaps I should have titled this post, "PeeWee's Big Adventure" after my kids' favorite movie:


  1. Your new addition seems to be adjusting quite well. How are the other dogs, as well as your cats adjusting to Pee-wee?

    1. The cats are so used to dogs that they just ignored PeeWee. It's just another dog to them. My other dogs accepted him almost instantly. They just wanted a few sniffs and then they were good to go. They're pretty used to other animals.