Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Busy Summer, Part 1

Today I present an assortment of scenes from around the farm, and beginning with this photo of Clover and Fergus in their yard at daybreak. You can see the sun just peeking over the eastern trees and a blanket of foggy mist spread out over the north hay field:

Another early morning shot - the view from my driveway of my neighbors' barn and livestock. The golden glow of dawn lit up the scene and another blanket of fog was covering the field behind their barn:

Still another dawn photo, this one of the dogs on the ramp in their yard:

I stopped over to see the neighbors' new calf. Both mother and calf were friendly, and mom even allowed the small children to hug and play with her calf. But when I, a stranger, got too close, she took Junior and trotted off toward another field:

He was quite the lovely little chestnut bull calf and couldn't resist turning back to see the new man with the camera:

And speaking of livestock, the baby chicks were moved into the barn and growing rapidly:

They were still kind of cute at this stage, but I knew the awkward, gangly, "teenage" stage was already beginning:

There weren't many flowers left in the yard, but then I began to smell perfume every time I walked out the door. It was my Tall Garden Phlox in bloom. They'd been treated roughly by the man who dug the water lines last year, but they'd made a terrific comeback:

I had small "snacking peppers:"

And sweet banana peppers:

And, of course, lots of tomatoes:

My tomatoes got off to a slow start but they were prolific once they got going:

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