Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dogs And Cats, Down On The Farm

I always try to keep my camera handy for scenes like this around the farm, both indoors and out. This is Bramble and Daphne, sharing the floor pillows:

Madeline and Seamus have become good friends. They're about the same age, a little tubby and less frenetic than the younger dogs:

Clover, Fergus and Daphne on the floor pillows:

And how's this for a bottom-of-the-stairs welcoming committee?

As soon as the south field hay had been baled, I took the dogs out for some photos, starting with Daphne and Clover, "The Silly Sisters," atop one of the five foot bales:

Little PeeWee would surely have fallen off a bale, so he just romped around on the ground:

He may be old and nearly deaf and blind, but he is a regular moving machine. In fact, I have to watch him carefully lest he disappear:

PeeWee, Madeline and Daphne sniffed around, exploring the hay field:

Madeline looked quite noble, I thought, up on a hay bale - kind of like a miniature Lassie:

Fergus, on the other hand, was nervous and shy and not at all sure he liked being up there:

The dogs got to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in their fenced yard. That "dead dog" off to the right of the photo was PeeWee, napping in the grass:

A bedtime scene shows PeeWee in his own personal bed with Daphne and Madeline keeping him company:

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