Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy, Comfortable Pets Around The House

Those of you who have followed this blog for any time know that I have lots of dogs and cats, that we all recently moved up to the farm in northern New York state - and that I love to take pictures of them. Well, here's another set of photos, beginning with Draco who recently discovered a new cubbyhole in the kitchen:

As for Rocky, he spends most of his time on a cat tree at the top of the stairs:

The newest family member, PeeWee, came with his own doggy bed and he truly loves it:

Dixie the guinea pig lives in my bedroom. Just beyond her cage is a parakeet who shares the bedroom:

And speaking of the bedroom, here's how we spend the night. Madeline, Daphne and Fergus sleep on the bed. Seamus and PeeWee have their own beds on the floor. The Guinea Pig and parakeet are just to the right of the photo. Wait a minute - where is Clover?:

There's Clover, all snuggled up on the floor pillows between the bed and the wall. She also spends a lot of time on the bed:

Madeline and Daphne posed for a photo. Those flashing covered corners are thanks to Draco, who loves to claw the woodwork:

Little PeeWee, with Draco in his cubbyhole:

PeeWee had been viciously attacked by a large dog just before I adopted him and his neck looked rather Frankenstein-ish. But his sutures were removed soon thereafter and he has done well ever since:

Daphne tried to get a bit of privacy by curling up on a floor pillow and covering her eyes with her bushy tail:

Georgette, who spends most of her time at the top of the stairs, came downstairs to join me at the kitchen table:

Madeline and Daphne on the bed. They both seem to have a rather diabolical look on their faces in this picture, as if they were plotting mischief. Well, perhaps they were:

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