Monday, September 9, 2013

Chapter 5, The Malone/Franklin County Fair

I was walking from the midway through the miscellaneous exhibits. The forest, hunting, fishing and trapping exhibit was popular:

And tee-shirts galore. I heard a hawker hollering that they had shirts up to 5X! Gee, I sure hope he wasn't talking to me:

I don't know any women who shop for dresses at county fairs, but apparently some do:

More "health foods":

More games of skill and chance:

A dragon roller coaster:

 And the dragon roller coaster in action, containing several very young, screaming girls:

The puppy ride again:

Crystal Lil's House of Mirrors:

And "Hog Wild," motorcycle rides for the little ones. This mother was helping her little girl up onto a motorcycle as I snapped the photo:

I gained ten pounds just walking past these stands:

Beads, toys and questionable artwork:

When I finally walked back to the parking lot, I discovered that it was filling up rapidly and the Demolition Derby cars were being towed in. The highway on my way home was bumper to bumper, though I was spared the delay because I was headed away from the fair. But I knew my dogs would be happy to see me when I got home:

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