Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pastoral Poetry In Pictures

It often takes me a long time to get from one place to another here because I so often take winding back roads just to experience the rural beauty. In fact, sometimes I'm not going anywhere at all - I'm just driving around inhaling the exquisite loveliness. Beauty such as these colorful, curious ladies, for instance:

Wildflowers and corn:

Freshly baled hay ready to go to someone's barn for winter feeding:

Haying equipment at rest in a field:

An old barn and what looked like an old, abandoned house, both of them gradually being swallowed up by the encroaching woodlands:

A new modular home next to the older, abandoned home - a small outbuilding next to twin silos:

A wonderful wrap-around porch and a nicely updated barn:

Another old, abandoned barn and twin silos:

The corner of someone's pasture:

Acres and acres and acres of hay:

An old family farm seen through a latticework of young trees:

This old tractor and stock trailer are no longer functional. They are parked permanently as a home for the pigs:

A field of horses, both full size and miniature:

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