Friday, September 6, 2013

Chapter 2, The Malone/Franklin County Fair

After exploring the horse and cattle barns, I began my walking tour of the goat barn. I was happy to see so many goats displayed. I had a small herd of Alpine dairy goats many years ago and few fairs made a place for them at all. These happy kids were clamoring for attention:

These does just wanted to eat their hay in peace:

More hay eaters:

I took one more walk through the cattle barn in order to get to the poultry barn. On my way, I took notice of this multi-breed collection, each with her own nameplate:

My tour of the poultry barn began with these Royal Palm turkeys:

But I mostly focused on the bantam chickens, beginning with the Barred Rocks, the breed I'm raising at home. I was surprised to find so many of them:

There were mottled Japanese:

And black tailed white Japanese:

There were lots of Peacocks in lots of fancy colors. I chuckled, wondering who was the first person to think, "You know, Peacocks are not colorful enough:"

And Mille Fleurs, another bantam breed I have owned in days of yore:

And Bourbon Red Turkeys:

And Golden Pheasants who, like Peacocks, had been bred to new color varieties as if the original color was too dull. This was a Yellow Golden:

I don't remember what color variety this was, but it sure was pretty. But I still had a lot to see at the Malone Fair and I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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