Saturday, September 28, 2013

Discovering Louisville, New York - Part 3

I was taking a driving tour through the village and town of Louisville, and finding it both liveable and picturesque:

As in most towns around here, the trees surrounded and backed up everything. This home had trees, bushes and a myriad of plantings:

A modern brick home with double garage:

An old farm house:

And a pleasant suburban type home, surrounded with flowers:

A white home with a big porch:

A driveway into the woods where another home was hidden. It was marked by a split rail fence, flowers, an old hand pump and a Blue Spruce:

A classic, traditional farm home:

And because Louisville was right on the shores of the Grasse River and close to the St. Lawrence Seaway, a miniature lighthouse:

Tall Garden Phlox were in bloom here:

And right next door, even more Phlox in bloom. They seemed to be the same variety, with each blossom a mix of pink and white. I'd bet that these neighbors shared root cuttings:

Twin maples framed this home. But I'd already spent enough time on my driving tour, so I put my camera away and headed for home:

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