Sunday, September 29, 2013

Part 1 - Porter Lynch Road

I was on my way home from the equipment store and a side trip to the town of Louisville (see previous posts) when I noticed this sign, not for the first time, for Porter Lynch Road. I figured that I'd already delayed my trip by touring Louisville, so I might as well turn and see what Porter Lynch Road had to offer:

Porter Lynch Road was very rural, with homes and farms which looked friendly and liveable:

This old, abandoned garage looked forlorn, a reminder of days long gone. I suspect it began life as a barn and those doors at the top were for loading hay:

There also were modern homes and it struck me that even the newest homes often had wide porches. It was part of the country life:

Old barns and silos, shiny new farm equipment:

Old farm homes:

Tractors, balers, all the requirements of farming:

This mobile home seemed to be cultivating Catalpa Trees, and I was surprised they'd grow in this cold climate. I've since checked their range map and they grow way up into Canada, apparently much more cold hardy than I'd realized:

The split rail fence continued on past the next house and I guessed that the two families were related:

I passed by a field of very colorful sheep:

An old barn with red doors, still part of an active farm:

A sprawling farm house. But there was more to see on Porter Lynch Road, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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