Sunday, September 15, 2013

White Road In Stockholm, New York - Part 1

I drove in to town to buy a bag of feed and, on my way home, saw this road sign. Well, I had my camera with me and some extra time, so I turned onto White Road to take a look:

It was paved but definitely rural, with large expanses of farm fields backed by forests:

This pleasant scene of flowers, grazing horse, red barns and farm pond was what inspired me to take photos. How could I pass by this pastoral beauty without snapping a picture?:

There were fine old farms:

And corn fields:

And woodsy homes with lots of garage space for the rugged winters in this part of the world:

Barns and pastures and silos:

Family farms with well tended lawns:

More corn, more silos:

And here's a closer look at the house with the silos from the above photo:

And another home planted with lots of colorful flowers and a Weeping Willow. But there was more to White Road and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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