Friday, September 27, 2013

Discovering Louisville, New York - Part 2

I was making my first drive through the village of Louisville. They had fine old churches:

And modern homes backed by towering pines:

Some very old homes, at least one of them abandoned:

Very deluxe homes:

And a classic gas station and eatery along the highway, looking for all the world like the places our family stopped on our trips across the country when we were children:

The forest was ever present around and behind many of the homes:

Just outside of the village but still in the town of Louisville were wildflowers galore, with corn fields off in the distance:

The wildflowers were so beautiful that I stopped and attempted to capture their color:

This looked like an old farm house all fixed up:

Another fine old brick church:

And lovely homes along the Grasse River:

Louisville seemed like a nice place to live. It was out in the country, but within easy commuting distance to many of the population centers. But I still had more to see in Louisville, and I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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