Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rural East Dickinson, New York on Route 11B

I was driving to Malone, New York to take a photo tour. But the rural scenery along Route 11B was superb and I was snapping pictures left and right as I drove east toward Malone. At some point I passed from Dickinson into East Dickinson, New York. I'm not sure where the line was, so I've just taken a guess that this is where East Dickinson begins. This modern, functional barn, you may notice, also had a good view of Canada off to the north:

And this barn sat right up alongside the road. That was highly beneficial back when it was built but less so today. Some day the state may want to enlarge the highway, but I suppose that won't be for many decades:

This looked to have been an elegant brick home back in the day:

And another old barn, this one painted green as was so common in that area:

There were a lot of brick homes along rural Route 11B and, as I would soon discover, many large brick buildings in Malone as well. I could find no references on the Internet, but there must have been a very booming brick manufacturer in Malone at one time:

This must have been an old stone church, but more recently it had been selling antiques and curiosities. Alas, it looked to me as if it had been decades since it had been used at all:

Fat Bob's Deli and General Store beckoned, but I had just eaten lunch so resisted the temptation:

An even more elegant stone house. Apparently there were also stone quarries in the area:

Another stone house, also with a Colonial American look to it:

This old home had a widow's watch, or cupola, from which a person would have had a marvelous view of Canada. It had also had a small balcony jutting out from the west side. But alas, it had been abandoned. I was still on my way to take pictures in Malone but my memory card was filling up rapidly. I do enjoy these driving tours. They focus my mind on the beautiful and interesting scenery and culture of the area:

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