Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back At The Farm After A Driving Tour Of Route 11B

Well, I'd certainly had a busy Sunday. I'd driven five hours up to the farm and then taken a rather lengthy driving tour along Route 11B to the town of Malone, New York. It was time to rest so the dogs and I all settled into our little farm apartment for the night:

Little Daphne temporarily won the competition for the coveted pillow directly in front of the heater:

Fergus and Seamus waited politely for old Wally to finish his dinner:

And I began cooking my own dinner:

There was still snow then. It all melted soon thereafter. Northern New York has had an exceptionally mild winter and is apparently now having an early spring:

I walked out to the barn to snap a few photos of the mess which I'd soon have to clean up. Here's a whole room full of junk which has accumulated over many decades. The rafters above the pile have sagged so severely that some have split. I signed a contract to have it all repaired and new siding installed:

More junk, endless junk, junk extending throughout the whole barn. It's going to take a very large dumpster:

Notice the sagging and split rafters:

Some boards had totally broken. The contractors will be fixing all that:

I don't know how they'll correct that sag, but they say they will:

The full length of the barn was filled with junk:

And more junk. I've intentionally taken and posted these photos so that I'll have "before" pictures with which to compare the "after" pictures in a month or two when the contractors are finished. Stay tuned:

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