Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Lovely Adirondack Winter Rest Stop

I hadn't been up to the farm in a month and was anxious to get up there again, all the more so because our winter had been so extremely mild. With another fairly mild weekend in the forecast, I loaded all six dogs and a bag of groceries into the car and headed north. I took Route 28 through the Adirondacks for a change of pace and discovered that it really was winter in the mountains. I couldn't find any place to give the dogs a rest stop. But then I found a snow plow turnaround which looked like it'd fit the bill quite nicely:

I was able to park far enough off the road to feel safe, so I let the dogs out to stretch their legs, play and empty their bladders. Little Clover delighted in dancing across the piles which the snow plows had left:

Seamus sniffed the whole area thoroughly for terrorists or evildoers but found nothing to warrant suspicion. Satisfied, he joined the other dogs enjoying their rest stop:

The piles of snow were daunting mountains to crooked-legged old Winky. He wanted to climb them but, in the end, decided to stick to the level, plowed surfaces:

My bright red car was far enough off the road that no passersby noticed it. Besides, the snow banks were high and the traffic was extremely sparse:

The scenery all around was spectacular, with snow-frosted Spruces creating a Christmas card look:

As soon as I'd loaded all the dogs back into the car we continued northwest on Route 28 toward the farm:

There were Adirondack mountains in whatever direction I looked:

I stopped along a beautiful little lake, all frozen over and framed by small mountains:

The dogs had to stay in the car as this was just a stop for taking a photo. But they'd just had a rest stop and we had many miles to go before we'd reach the farm. But I'll post more tomorrow:

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