Friday, March 9, 2012

Beginning A Driving Tour on Route 11B - Dickinson, New York

I'd arrived at the farm on a Sunday afternoon and everything looked great. But the weather was lovely and there was lots of day left so I decided to drive to Malone, New York and take a photo tour. I set out on Route 11B headed east. The tenant was home with her brand new baby, so I took Seamus, Fergus, Daphne and Clover with me to keep them from waking the baby with their barking. I left old Wally and Winky in the apartment to snooze. I headed out of Nicholville on Route 11B, passing first through Dickinson, New York:

Dickinson is real farm country and the scenery was superb:

I was enjoying the homes and barns along the way. Taking photos for this blog has surely helped open my eyes to the beauty and interesting places all around me:

Apparently Route 11B sits high up on a ridge as I could see all the way out across the St. Lawrence Seaway to Canada from many places along the way. Many homes, including the one in the above photo, looked out over Canada. The photo below doesn't show all the detail of real life, but I could see Canadian buildings and farm fields way off in the distance:

Barns and homes were spread out along the highway:

I passed by an old cemetery:

And more stately old farm homes, this one built with brick and an interesting wooden deck where its owner could sit in an Adirondack chair and watch the (rather sparse) traffic go by:

I saw more than one roadside stand advertising homegrown honey. Apparently this is a beekeeping mecca:

Most of the old farm houses were large, perhaps because farm families were usually big and multi-generational:

More old barns and silos. I'd only planned to take photos in Malone, but the scenery was so entrancing along Route 11B that I couldn't resist. I'll post more tomorrow:

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