Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dekalb Junction, New York - Part 1

My driving tour of the north country had taken me through the towns of Gouverneur and Richville, New York and I then returned to Route 11. I passed this sign directing folks to Canada which reinforced in my mind just how far north I was:

And I passed this lovely Amish farm. This is a very common look for Amish farms along Route 11. Those near me are less fancy, less pretty, more hardscrabble. Nevertheless, these farms are beautiful:

This old barn may not look used, but the hay bale indicated to me that there were cattle to feed nearby:

And then I entered the town of Dekalb Junction. I recognized this town from my Internet realty searches as having the absolute best bargains in old homes and farms. This is probably the reason so many Amish have settled there. I decided to drive slowly and take pictures:

This very oddly shaped roadside barn (or was it not a barn?) had a curious indentation in its side. I wondered what it might have been used for until I noticed the faded image of a hamburger on the sign. This must have been a roadside hamburger joint once upon a time:

There were some newer homes along the road:

And some older homes, this one with a carriage house out back:

This exquisite brick home looked to have been lovingly restored:

The Dekalb Junction Volunteer Fire Department:

And this little convenience store was selling gas at $3.75 per gallon. That seemed awfully high at the time. Who knew it would soon go even higher?:

The Dekalb Junction Post Office:

This looked like it might be a feed store but I didn't see any sign. Dekalb Junction was proving to be an interesting place. I'll post more pictures tomorrow:

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