Monday, March 19, 2012

Blue Mountain Road All Dressed In White - Part 2

I'd given up on Blue Mountain Road because it had been sufficiently plowed. I turned back towards the farm but continued to enjoy the scenery, as did Daphne and Clover:

Cute little camps nestled like elf houses beneath the snowy spruce trees:

In some spots the spruces gave way to hardwoods and the wind blew snow all over us as we passed through:

Another little camp looking happy and comfortable in the snowy forest:

This one, I believe, was a full time residence. That's why the driveway had been plowed:

We crested a hill and could see far out to the north:

I heard banging as I passed by this logging operation. The skidder/loader was being driven repeatedly into the rear of the log truck, pushing it forward. I didn't know if there was a good or bad purpose being this action, but I did not hang around to investigate:

And all along the road the scenery was gorgeous:

We passed by some wetlands all covered with snow and ice:

Past a few more camps and homes:

Past this A-frame, apparently a camp since its driveway had not been plowed:

And past this deluxe camp with stone fireplace and chimney. No one was there to enjoy this winter beauty. As we reached the end of Blue Mountain Road, I decided to return to the farm for lunch and then decide what to do next:

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