Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All Comfy, Safe And Warm After A Long Winter's Day

I'd had a busy weekend up at the farm and when Monday night arrived I was tired. The dogs and I settled in to our little farm apartment early in preparation for leaving for home on Tuesday morning:

Giant Seamus curled up on a door mat as if that was going to give him a comfortable rest. There's pillows all over the floor but he won't use them. So I put a folded up blanket on the floor and encouraged him to use that instead. That was a success and I'll be using that as a Seamus bed in the future:

Wally usually sleeps on my bed, but when he's not there he enjoys the floor pillows:

And little Daphne won the competition for the coveted pillow which receives the gas heater's directed warm air:

Clover waited on another pillow for Daphne to move, at which point she'd confiscate the pillow by the heater:

Crabby little old Winky got all comfy on yet another pillow:

I gave the dogs their dinner and then began cooking my own:

When dinner was done, and with no computer or television to distract me, I got into bed myself to read a good novel. Wally, Fergus and Daphne joined me. But of course I quickly fell asleep. I'd be leaving for home early the next morning. I'll post photos tomorrow from the drive home through the Adirondacks:


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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you'll continue to follow the blog.