Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Snow Day At Marcy Field

My trip up to the farm was over and the dogs and I were making our way home through the Adirondack mountains south to Albany. But the pooches needed a rest stop and frankly, so did I. Though there'd been too much snow to pull off the road in the mountains, I found Marcy Field in the Keene Valley to be a perfect spot. The blacktopped lanes into the field had even been plowed:

The skies were clear and the views of the surrounding mountains were terrific. Hey, look at that "Z" cloud! Had Zorro been there?:

I had an excellent view of the close-at-hand mountains:

Clover and Daphne, true to form, went running on ahead with great speed and great silliness:

Crabby little Winky chugged along like a miniature locomotive with some magnificent high peaks in the background:

Seamus and Fergus joined the Papillons in running and playing:

Mountains rose up to our north. I suspected that those were the peaks through which we'd just driven:

And old Wally joined the youngsters in exploring the snowy field:

Wally's eyesight is getting worse but he still manages to have lots of fun. He can't hike anymore but these rest stops provide him with some exercise and a chance to experience the joy of living once again:

We walked all the way to the woods across the field:

Wally and Winky came with us, which was wonderful. Getting them to come back with us to the car was more difficult:

And all the while the "Silly Sisters" romped and raced and wrestled. But it had been a busy couple of days and we were almost to the main highway. This was our final stop of this trip up to the farm:

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