Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Part 1 - Malone New York, The Star Of The North

If you've been following my recent posts, you know that I was up at the farm for a visit and had decided to drive to the town of Malone and explore. I drove east on Route 11B through the villages of Nicholville, Dickinson, East Dickinson, West Bangor and Bangor, a distance of 21 miles to Malone. I knew I was there when I saw this sign along the road:

Malone is often referred to in Albany as a place so tiny, isolated and cold that no one would want to live there. But what I found was quite different, beginning with this busy commercial strip:

There were fine old churches and government buildings:

The downtown streets were humming even on a winter's Sunday afternoon:

This fine old stone church had the look of a castle and dominated the downtown landscape:

The old style village green had a friendly, spacious feel to it and everything was clean and well kept:

I hadn't yet explored any residential areas, but the few houses I saw in the business district were quite nice:

It all had the feel of a university town. I know that there is a North Country Community College in Malone but don't know if it's located here in the center of town or elsewhere:

I passed through an older commercial strip but I was just getting started and had hardly seen anything yet. I'll post more tomorrow:

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