Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dekalb Junction, New York - Part 2

I was driving through Dekalb Junction, New York on my way home from a driving tour to Gouverneur. I stopped along the way to photograph something else when I noticed two Amish men stopped along the road talking. It seemed to me that one of them had brought the other there to wait for the bus. Notice the luggage alongside the road:

And right in the town center was a small Whatnot Shop. I now wish I'd have gone in to take a look:

And this was possibly the smallest restaurant I've ever seen. Rick and I ate lunch there once when he was up remodeling the farm house. It was extremely tiny and cramped inside, but filled with farmers talking about haying equipment and the price of feed:

This old home needed a paint job, but it was quite lovely nonetheless:

An active Methodist church:

Another older home, painted the green color of so many old barns in the area:

A giant old barn in good repair, still in active use:

Another Amish farm. The clothesline full of laundry was my first hint:

And then I saw another pair of Amish men, also apparently waiting for a bus. Again there was luggage at the roadside:

I stopped to say "Howdy" to these friendly horses and pony:

And nearby, apparently a bit of a loner, was a mule:

And my final shot of Dekalb Junction was this combination convenience store, liquor store and general store. They seemed to sell everything one could need but gasoline: