Monday, March 5, 2012

Part 5 - The Old Cemetery On Beebe Hill

Our short hike up to the Beebe Hill fire tower concluded, I planned to put the dogs in my car and then walk up the small rise next to the trail head and visit the old cemetery. But no one else was around, so I allowed the dogs to go with me - or to be more accurate, run on ahead of me:

Many, perhaps most, of the old gravestones were so weathered as to be unreadable. There was nothing I could do about that, so I just focused my attention on those whose epitaphs could still be discerned.They seemed to all be from the mid 1800s and earlier when, it seemed, this was farm land. Abiram Harmon died Feb. 19, 1871, aged 90 years:

Robert Crowther, died Jan. 19, 1826, aged 89 years. Ruth, his wife, died Feb. 21, 1815, aged 87 years:

John Harmon, died Jan. 27, 1813:

Gorduon(?) Harmon, died May 1, 1837, aged 37 years:

Truman Mercer, died May 25, 1856, aged 62 (did you notice Clover playing in the background?):

In memory of M. Daniel Barrett, who departed this life January 31, 1809, aged 31 years:

Anson Crawford, son of George and Caroline Howes, died April 7, 1812, aged 8 months and 22 days:

Esther, wife of William H Clark, died August 26, 1831, in the 15th year of her age. If I'm reading this correctly, this girl had to get married awfully early and died soon thereafter, likely in childbirth. Times were hard back then:

Sophia, daughter of Hammond and Lydia Tiffany, died August 23, 1812, aged 11:

In memory of Mary Annis, daughter of Jesse and Nancy Goodrich, who died Nov. 3, 1822, in the 8th year of her life:

In memory of Deborah, wife of Jesse Goodrich (apparently a different wife than the mother of the girl above - perhaps her birth mother also died young), who died Nov. 1, 1833, in the 81 year of her age. In memory of Jesse Goodrich, departed this life April 12th, 1826, in the 73 year of his age:

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