Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Part 2- Malone New York, The Star Of The North

I was taking a driving tour of Malone, New York, about 21 miles east of my farm. It was a Sunday afternoon but the downtown section was booming and the roads were busy. I noticed what I thought was called Fat Jane's, but when I got closer realized was Fat Jake's. It looked like a college hangout:

And then I turned off into some residential districts to get a feel for the town:

I often scour the Internet realty sites to see what property is doing up there and have noticed that Malone has an unusually wide range of property values, from the very low to the very high. The town is so isolated geographically that I have often wondered where everyone works. There is a maximum security prison which is apparently a big employer:

I passed by the Franklin County Fairgrounds, located in the heart of Malone. It was all shut down for the winter but I sure hope to visit when the county fair is running:

The very large and impressive stone First Congregational Church:

I'd turned back toward the center of town and stopped for another photo of the village green, this one showing the two cannons:

The Malone Post Office was impressive indeed:

I drove through another business district:

And back through the downtown area. But I hadn't yet explored any residential areas, so I decided to do that next. But I'll post more about that tomorrow:

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