Thursday, March 22, 2012

Richville, New York - Part 1

I'd just finished a driving tour of Gouverneur, New York and was on my way back to the farm via some back roads. I had the four youngest dogs with me but had not found any place to let them out. I figured they needed a rest stop and, frankly, so did I. When I saw this sign for Richville I recognized the name from my real estate searches. The houses I'd seen for sale in Richville had seemed pretty upscale so I expected it to be a nice suburb, midway between Canton and Gouverneur:

And the first houses I saw looked suburban and pleasant:

The type of houses which would fit into a suburban landscape, perhaps owned by people who earned their livelihoods in the bigger towns of Gouverneur or Canton:

Yet Richville was still rather rural - not agricultural with farms, but houses built by people who didn't want city life:

There was a town center, a sort of main street, with some very nice older homes:

This home had a carriage house out back, a relic from the horse and buggy days:

Most of the homes were large and well maintained:

There was an old rural cemetery:

And a restored old church, now a historical center:

Not all the houses were well maintained, however. Richville was proving to be a town unlike any I'd seen so far so I kept exploring. I'll post more tomorrow:


  1. Very interesting blog and pictures. I just moved to the area in February. Have been covering some similar ground. Interesting...

    1. I am finding there lots of friendly folks and terrific natural scenic beauty. I think you'll be happy there.