Friday, March 16, 2012

Part 4 - Malone New York, The Star Of The North

My driving tour of Malone, New York was coming to an end. I'd pretty much seen all of the downtown area and some of the finer, larger old homes. So I began turning down random streets looking for more ordinary homes. Everything I was seeing was quite nice. It seemed to me that Malone was filled with large, fine old homes everywhere I looked:

I know from my Internet real estate searches (a hobby of mine) that Malone does have inexpensive housing but I'd somehow found only the upscale neighborhoods. But that was fine with me as the homes were fascinating and lovely:

Lots of brick chimneys although I didn't see any wood smoke rising from them:

And every home seemed to be surrounded by trees. These northern folks justifiably love their trees:

A particularly fine old home - or was it an institution of some sort? At any rate, it was lovely:

I turned to head back toward the highway but continued to snap pictures as I went:

Malone had been a surprise to me. I'd expected a Podunk town of gritty little homes and not much business. What I'd found was an attractive, bustling and prosperous town with gorgeous homes and lots of history:

But I'd been on the road for a long time and had to get back to the farm and my dogs. So I snapped one last photo and began the drive back home:

I passed more fine old homes as I headed back toward the highway:

As I moved out of the town and into the rural landscape, the houses seemed to take on a different character. I guess I've always been more of a country person. That's where I feel at home:

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