Thursday, March 8, 2012

Arriving At The Farm On Sunday Afternoon

I arrived at the farm more quickly than usual as there'd been so few places to let the dogs out for rest stops (because of the snow). But when I arrived I was pleased to note that everything was looking spiffy. This is to be my future home, the place of my retirement:

I turned up the heat, turned on the water supply and put my groceries in the refrigerator while the dogs enjoyed their fenced in yard. Then we all relaxed inside. Wally is losing his eyesight but is otherwise happy, healthy and enjoying life:

I got a snapshot of all six dogs in my farm apartment:

The neighbor plowed the driveway moments after I arrived. I could then park out of the way over by the barn:

And the fresh piles of snow he'd left provided a nice place for Papillons to play:

Everything was looking good and I was pleased. Well, everything but the barn - but I'll get to that in later posts:

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