Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gouverneur New York, Home Of Lifesavers Candy - Part 2

I was midway in a driving tour of Gouverneur, New York. I'd already seen the headquarters of Kenney Drugs, the downtown business district and, most importantly, the giant roll of peppermint Lifesavers. But I wanted to see more so turned up a residential street. I saw some very nice old homes:

I have discovered a lot of homes in northern New York with widow's watch cupolas. Perhaps the flat landscape afforded such nice long range views that the early builders just had to include them:

And this bright pink house selling - something. I can't remember what they sold:

This boxy house which I'll bet was quite the innovation in the 50s:

But all in all, Gouverneur's residential streets looked pleasant, well maintained and even upscale:

When I saw this sign for the Industrial Park I had to turn in and see for myself:

It turned out that Gouverneur is headquarters for another large company, Cives Steel:

It looked to me like they specialize in steel I-Beams. They sure did have them piled up in large quantities:

The only other business I saw in the Industrial Park was a distribution center for Kinney Drugs, also headquartered in Gouverneur:

I left the Industrial Park and soon saw a sign for a New York State Correctional Facility. This, I'm sure, employs many town residents:

The prison was mostly a one story, sprawling operation presided over by a water tower and a guard tower:

And surrounded by lots of razor-wire. It was time to head for home, but since I was already off the main highway, Route 11, I decided to drive the back roads, at least for as long as I could, on my way home. I'll post about that tomorrow:

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