Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Whole Heap Of Doggy Love

When I bring my dogs in to work on Saturdays, they're all excited to greet each customer for a while. But that soon becomes boring and they settle into a heap to snooze the time away. I, of course, never get tired of seeing it and the customers almost always comment with amazement at how well they all get along:

I'm not sure why they all get along so well. I suppose part of it is that I pick breeds and individuals that don't have a strong predator or fighter instinct. I also make it a point to establish myself as the absolute alpha dog. When my position as number one is firmly fixed, I am free to be as sweet and loving as I want. I also do not permit fighting or even quibbling. It's pretty hard to train cats not to fight, but dogs are genetically engineered to obey the pack leader. And this pack leader insists on them all getting along at all times. And they do:

Tiny Clover on top of giant Seamus causes the most comments. It also, if I may say so, shows off her good breeding:

They're all buddies:

Daphne doesn't quite grasp the concept of the dog pile. When she finds herself on the outside, she simply rests her head on someone and leaves her butt sticking up in the air:

Wally seldom joins the dog piles, but he is happy to be part of the pack and is, in fact, the first dog to recognize when it's Saturday morning and charge at the front door until I finally get ready to leave. How he knows it's Saturday morning I still do not understand:

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