Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Shots From Home

It's a rare happenstance that I should find all five of my cats in one location, so when I entered the room one morning and found them all lounging about within mere feet of each other, I quickly grabbed the camera:

On the cat tree from top to bottom are Georgette, Draco and Rocky. The black cat on the left is Snoozey and the spotted cat on the dog bed is Bramble. Within my cat family are several somewhat troubled relationships, so I found it heartening that they found this moment to all get along:

And on that same day, I drove down my road, crossing the bridge over the railroad tracks and stopped to take this photo. It is the city of Albany directly across the Hudson River:

The Amtrak Station is just behind me, but this is their administrative office and repair facility. Again, you can see the city of Albany across the Hudson River in the background (notice the building which appears both in this photo and the one above):

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