Monday, March 7, 2011

The Giant Dancers Statue

I had just taken photos of Nipper, the giant RCA dog and the Miss Albany Diner with the big cow head over it (see the previous three posts). It was time for me to go to the gym as I'd originally planned. But when I arrived at Quackenbush Square, the site of Albany's Palace Theater (the red brick building on the left), I saw this statue of giant dancers:

The walkways through this pocket-park had not been shoveled and were covered with snow, so no one was walking near the statue. But I've walked beneath these elegant dancers before and would estimate a person's height to be less than the height of the dancers' knees. It's really quite a large statue:

The theme for the day seemed to be giant statues. First a giant RCA dog, then a big cow and now a pair of giant dancers. Such things were popular in the 1950s. I hope they're making a comeback. I love this sort of kitsch:

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