Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Albany Kitch And Skyline

It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday, the first one in many months. I'd begun my afternoon by heading out to the gym but decided to first drive over to Albany and photograph Nipper, the giant RCA dog on top of a building. Then I intended to drive to the gym but got distracted by the Miss Albany Diner and the giant dancers statue near the Palace Theater (see the previous several posts). Well, this time I really meant it - I was going to the gym! But then, on a ramp over the Hudson River, I spotted the life-sized U-Haul truck on top of a storage building. Well, it was Sunday and there wasn't much traffic, so I stopped on the road and took a picture of it:

And a closer view over the guard rails:

And as long as I was stopped, I turned my camera back toward the city of Albany for a quick shot of the Empire State Plaza. That oval shaped building is, for obvious reasons, called "The Egg" and is a performance space with several theaters inside. The roadway on which I'm stopped is high above the Hudson River:

I decided to hurry and get moving again before I caused an accident or got a ticket. I crossed the river and and was getting off the exit ramp on the Rensselaer side when I saw the flying U-Haul truck and had to stop for one more snapshot:

I finally did make it to the gym and, on my home, stopped one more time in the road to get a photograph of the Albany skyline across the river:

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