Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Happy Snow Day, Part 1

The weather service predicted warming temperatures and rain, but what we got instead was sleet and ice followed by snow - lots of snow. It was snowing in earnest by daybreak and I was dismayed, but the dogs were very happy. Seamus stuck his whole face into the snow just for the fun of it:

So did Fergus, as you may note from his snowy beard. Perhaps it's a Poodle thing:

Wally just liked to run in it, leaping and frolicking like a silly puppy:

The vines and bushes in my back yard were coated with a drippy sort of ice. It glistened beautifully when the sun hit it just right:

The puppies wrestled, Wally ran and Seamus thought it was a great white playground. I kicked snow at him, which he seems to enjoy. Clover ran over as if she wanted to join in the fun so she got the same treatment:

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