Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Snow Dogs, Part 2

Yesterday's post was of photos and a couple of videos taken of the dogs playing in the snow before I went to work for the day. It was still snowing when I came home to let them out at lunchtime but I didn't have my camera with me. Alas, it was still snowing at the end of the day when I arrived home from work so I again grabbed my camera. The first picture is of Clover and Daphne in full play mode. They get a bit rough sometimes and Clover's favorite trick is to grab a bite of Daphne's fur (especially her tail) and hang on:

Daphne must have said, "Hey, stop for a minute. I smell something interesting:"

"OK, we can run and play again now:"

Wally and Winky, though short of legs and advanced in years, still managed to do a bit of happy frolicking:

I took a couple more videos of happy dogs in newly fallen snow:

And one more video of the dogs at play before I packed away my camera for the evening. This one shows a bit more actual play than the others:

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