Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Stroll Down Pearl Street In Downtown Albany

I'd driven over to Albany on Sunday morning intending to have breakfast at the Miss Albany Diner, but they were closed. So I began a walking tour, beginning along Pearl Street and headed downtown. The first building of note was the First Church, founded by Albany's Dutch settlers in 1642. The basic part of the current building was built in 1806 and its most famous member was Teddy Roosevelt:

From the First Church I continued down Pearl Street toward the bigger buildings of downtown Albany:

The streets were pretty much deserted since it was early on a Sunday morning. Now, I don't know anything about architecture, but that ornate red brick building on the right looks to me like it has its origins in Dutch tradition:

A peek up a side street as I continued along my way:

The buildings were getting taller as I walked on:

Lots of older red brick and stone buildings on Pearl Street:

And bigger, more modern buildings:

I took a peek down another side street down toward the river. That spire and the large marble buildings are on Broadway:

As I approached the intersection of Pearl Street and State Street, the buildings became more impressive:

Another peek up a side street, this one a route I commonly use to get me to and from destinations in the heart of the city:

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