Friday, March 18, 2011

Official Looking Buildings On Broadway In Albany

As I walked along Broadway, I snapped photos of interesting buildings. This was one of my favorites, though I have no idea what it is:

Looking up a side street:

This is the ramp I knew I'd take when I crossed the Hudson River to return home:

Official looking buildings on Broadway

And the beautiful D & H Building. You can't tell in this picture, but that's a 3D replica of the ship, Half Moon, on the very top of the spire:

An unknown but impressive building:

One of my favorites. Just look at the fancy ornamentation on that dome:

This street is easy to identify. It's Albany's State Street, looking uphill from Broadway toward the New York State Capitol Building:

Another shot of Broadway:

By this time I'd grown tired and gotten back in my car. Now I was taking a driving tour instead of a walking tour. So I passed by the D & H Building once again. I was on a roll now:

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