Friday, March 4, 2011

Nipper, The Giant RCA Dog - Part 1

This past Sunday dawned with the weather service predicting more (yes, more!) snow. But it was sunny in the morning and sunny in the afternoon when I left to go to the gym. The temperature was warm enough that snow was melting rapidly and I drove down to the Hudson River to take a look. Seeing Nipper, the giant RCA dog across the river inspired me to drive over there and take some photos. This first picture was taken from exit ramp off the highway just as I began entering the city of Albany. That's a rear view of Nipper:

As I wound my way through the industrial North Albany, I could see Nipper getting closer and closer:

I kept taking pictures as I got closer and closer:

There he is! Nipper sits atop the Arnoff Building on Broadway in Albany:

As I got closer and closer, Nipper appeared to be growing in size:

I turned up and down a few side streets looking for shots at different angles:

Nipper is the biggest RCA dog left in the country and weighs 4 tons. The only other rooftop Nipper is smaller and now sits atop the Baltimore, Maryland Historical Society

I got right up to the base of the building and began taking pictures, some of them close up. But I'll post them tomorrow so be sure to log on and take a look:

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