Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nipper, The Giant RCA Dog - Part 2

I hope you saw yesterday's post which chronicled my travels across the Hudson River into the city of Albany to photograph Nipper. It's really not far and I can actually see Nipper from my bedroom window, at least when the leaves are off the trees. I arrived at the Arnoff Building on which Nipper sits:

Looking up from the sidewalk below, Nipper really looks huge. The warm sun was melting the ice on his head and sending both water and ice chunks down on of me so I didn't stay there long:

I cannot find any actual measurements of Nipper except that he weighs 4 tons. But I'd estimate that his head, from collar to crown was 4 to 5 feet high:

There's a spotlight attached to one ear. I believe that the last time I photographed Nipper, the soles of his feet were white and there were only black lines delineating his toes. I'm not sure I like this alteration, but I suppose dogs do have black pads on their feet. I also think the name, Nipper, painted on his collar is new:

Several years ago a new owner of the building announced that they were going to take Nipper down and do away with him. The outcry from the public was so great that instead of his demise, Nipper got a new paint job and restoration. Now, one or two owners later, Nipper reigns over the industrial part of North Albany:

In 1951 when Nipper was built, this was the tallest building in all of Albany. Luckily for those Nipper lovers among us, all the tall buildings since then have been built south of this part of Albany. So Nipper remains a most beloved landmark:

Well, I'd taken a lot of pictures and it was time for me to go to the gym as I'd planned. But I stopped several times as I drove away to capture Nipper as he got smaller and smaller:

Good bye, Nipper:

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