Friday, March 11, 2011

Deer Come For Dinner

We've had several snow storms lately, some of them a surprise to all of us, including the weather forecasters. I got these photos in my email one recent morning, taken by Mary Ellen, a friend from my days volunteering at the Animal Shelter, out her dining room window. You'll have to click to enlarge this first photo to see them well, but I count four deer in her back yard:

When I first saw this photo, I remarked that this was a petite doe, possibly quite young. But Mary Ellen called my attention to the fact that she was eating out of the bird feeder:

So I cropped and enlarged that part of the photo so I could see it better. Mary Ellen commented that the doe must be darn hungry to come up so close and eat out of the bird feeder. Indeed, we'll all be very happy for spring to arrive:

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