Thursday, March 17, 2011

Turning From Pearl Street to Broadway

I was taking a walking tour of downtown Albany early on a Sunday morning. This is a look back down Pearl Street toward where I'd begun (see previous posts):

Interesting small businesses lined the side streets:

And then I turned down toward the Hudson River to take a closer look at Broadway with its impressive marble buildings:

I noticed this statue so walked over for a closer look:

This is a bronze representation of the Great Seal Of The City Of Albany. I can only guess that the ship is Henry Hudson's Half Moon, the European is a Dutch settler and the Native American is a Mohawk. The word "assiduity" took me by surprise so I looked it up. It means "Persistent application or diligence; unflagging effort:"

And right next to the glorification of unflagging effort was this bronze man, park bench and Golden Retriever. I suppose he was someone well known, possibly a former mayor. But there was no sign identifying him:

I turned south on Broadway to look at more buildings:

And then I headed back north on Broadway toward my car:

Broadway is lined with impressive, official looking buildings:

Most of the buildings were old, but this light colored brick building has been built since I lived in the area. It's pretty modern:

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