Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aack! We Got More Snow!

The weather seemed pretty much OK on Monday morning, March 21st. It was the first full day of spring and we'd been having reasonably nice weather for a week or so. But about 7:30 AM it began to snow - slowly at first but then harder and harder. I felt sad but the dogs, of course, were overjoyed. I went out with them to watch them enjoy it. Daphne and Clover ran back and forth:

Clover saw me with the camera and hoped it might be food:

No food? Well then, I'll just go back to playing:

Seamus stopped romping for a picture while the two Papillon puppies, Daphne and Clover, played near the fence. Hey, wait a minute! Daphne is pooping back there:

Fergus led the puppies on a search for contraband:

Daffodils were doing so well in their new, transplanted location. Well, I'm sure they'll just consider this an early spring watering:

Fergus and Seamus stayed together while Wally trotted along the fence behind them:

OK, I've had enough. Let's go back indoors now:

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