Friday, March 25, 2011

The Empire State Plaza

This is the final installment of the posts of my Sunday morning breakfast and walking tour. I'd begun the day intending merely to have breakfast at the Miss Albany Diner but found them closed. So instead I began a walking photography tour of downtown Albany. That became a driving tour when I got tired and became even longer when I noticed the Albany Pedestrian Bridge and walked that also while I snapped photos. I finally made it to the Miss Albany Diner which was by then open and had my breakfast - and from there to the Unitarian Universalist Society for the morning service. It had been a busy morning and I was on my way home when I just had to stop and get a better picture of the State Education Building with its massive and numerous columns:

And by shifting my camera just a bit I could include not only the Education Building but also the State Capital and the Albany City Hall:

Well, I should have gone straight home then but instead I turned the corner and headed toward the Empire State Plaza. That tower is part of it and that church is the Cathedral Of The Immaculate Conception:

I'd pulled off the road to snap the above photo and then realized that I was parked almost next to "The Egg," another part of the Empire State Plaza. It's got several theaters inside and is used for performance events, conventions etc:

The New York State Museum used to be one of my favorite places but it's now been many years since I've been inside. Perhaps another walking tour is in order soon:

I parked and walked up onto the elevated part of the Empire State Plaza where the office towers, The Egg and the State Capitol were all in view. The reflecting pool and fountains were still shut down for the winter. I should come back in the summertime when its all green and lovely. Perhaps the construction on the Capitol will be finished by then also:

Everything is stone, marble, steel and glass. It looks a bit like a 1950s vision of the future:

More of the Empire State Plaza:

And as I drove away intending only to go home and tend to my animals, I noticed that the State Capital had no construction in evidence on this side. So I stopped for one final photo:

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