Friday, July 14, 2017

Around The Farm

The two little horses got to spend a week in the north field, where the grass was almost as tall as they were:

 The horses and cows were happy there, with plenty of grass to eat - but no grain. They are all on a diet:

 Remy always came trotting over for attention when I entered the field. Blue would follow him for most of the way, but he's always leery of being taken by the halter:

 The winds were whipping Remy's tail around while he took a drink of water:

 The little garden I planted is pushing up so many plants now that I have to be careful about weeding it. I planted many new, unusual plants which I might think are weeds. I also think I planted too many things - it's getting crowded in there. The Magnolia, which I thought had died over the winter, is now growing so fast that I realize it's going to have to be moved:

 And I have a warty little friend living in the rocks around the garden:

 What's this? These used to be the flowers of the Bridal Veil Spirea. I can't say they are attractive, but they are interesting:

 Wildflowers abound. Here by a fence post were Northern Bedstraw, Buttercups, Red Clover, Bladder Campion, and - what's that new, small, daisy-like flower?

 I got a close-up and searched in my field guide without success. Then I went to the internet and found that it was in the genus Galinsoga. Then I had to figure out which species, which was difficult but I'm quite sure I finally figured it out. It's Galinsoga quadriratiata, commonly known as Shaggy Soldier:

 The cherry tree was so laden with fruit that I couldn't wait any longer to start eating them:

 I picked a rather large bowlful of the lowest, reddest cherries and ate them fresh, then mixed the remainder with my cereal in the morning. Life is good:

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