Saturday, July 8, 2017

Red Cows, Green Grass, Yellow Buttercups

It's been a pleasant season for the Red Poll girls, with lush grass and mostly mild temperatures. The Buttercups are really a problem weed, but they sure make photos look nice when they're in bloom:

And the girls are all looking healthy, though I still think three of them are too fat:

Scarlett is not one of the fat ones, but she sure isn't skinny either, is she?

Just hangin' out, enjoying the summer:

Their coats glisten beautifully in the summer sun:

And, like the little horses, they use the Box Elder tree for a combination shade provider and scratching post:

Gracie, on her way across the field to get to the Box Elder tree:

And gobbling up grass clippings, a weekly gift from a neighbor:

Lazy summer days:

I started to panic when I thought I saw a dead cow, but of course she was just snoozing:

Life is good, no work to do, no calves to feed:

At the far, far end of the field:

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