Monday, July 31, 2017

Whiskey Flats State Forest - Part 3

We had hiked a considerable way into Whiskey Flats State Forest (see previous two posts), but it was getting very hot. When I saw what appeared to be the roof of a building off through the trees, I decided we'd gotten too close to civilization and decided to turn around. That was just fine with little Jack, who enjoyed running across the mossy ground:

Seamus, who had been running full speed when we began, was now walking slowly. He was both hot and tired:

The little dogs, however, continued to explore although they didn't run ahead so much anymore. They too had slowed down:

It's pleasant walking after the dogs calm down. There were occasional traffic signs, as this multi-use trail was open to ATVs, dirt bikes and snowmobiles:

I heard what I believed were Hermit Thrushes calling off in the forest:

I stopped at this St. Johnswort plant in bloom and had Seamus come over and sit next to it for a photo. He was hesitant because he was hot and tired, but happy to be sitting once he was there. Photographing black (or white) dogs can be difficult, but the lighting was good here and I hoped the yellow flowers would help make a good portrait of my faithful friend:

The forest began to look barren again as we neared our parking spot:

And by now, we were all moving slowly. It was still early, but the day was heating up:

Can you see that little spot of bright red up ahead on the trail? That's our car, parked a couple hundred feet off the road. It was a welcome sight:

I saw a few mushrooms, but this was the only one with any real color:

There were lots of wild blackberries, but they weren't yet ripe:

We piled into the car when we arrived. I rolled down the windows (no air conditioning) and we headed off down the access road toward the highway:


  1. You remind me of myself. I have 4 dogs and have to walk far away from humanity because I like to leave them off lead and anyway I couldn't manage 4 on leads. I just found your blog this weekend and I love it