Sunday, July 9, 2017

Enjoying A Working Summer

We've had beautiful weather, though I am including lots of rain in my definition of beautiful. It's kept the plants growing nicely. The cherry tree is producing fruit that is already edible, at least the darkest red ones, and I grab one whenever I pass beneath the tree on the riding mower:

The Elderberry plants had a tough winter and some died, but those which survived are beginning to bloom. Mostly they just have buds now, but some flower heads are open:

The new Magic Carpet Spirea surprised me by blooming. They are not the big, gaudy sorts of flowers which people will admire from the road, but I like them:

 Lots of wildflowers are blooming also, such as these Maiden Pinks. Those in the lawn are short, but out in the pasture they are about 12" tall:

The two little Ninebarks I planted are changing colors. Their dark burgundy color is turning a brilliant gold. They are also growing well, getting taller each time I check on them:

I moved the herd across the road to the north field so that I could spray the fence line of the south field. This must be done once each year to suppress the weeds from shorting out the fence:

Alas, there is also the problem of trees falling on the fence. I had to cut this one with a chainsaw:

Northern Bedstraw and Cow Vetch make a wonderful combination - and one which is nearly everywhere I look these days:

Red Clover is too big to grow in the lawn, but it sure does well in the pasture. Indeed, it's been a very nice summer so far:

 I have a few Musk Mallows growing in the south field. They come in both pink and white, though all I've seen this year are pink:

 The Musk Mallow is a member of the Hibiscus family, and very showy:

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