Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cloud Watching, Flights Of Fancy

There was a time when I was young and time was my friend. A summer day, a grassy field and soaring clouds were all I needed to transport my mind to imaginary worlds. Now I am old and again have time to watch the clouds. I looked for poems or quotes about clouds, but in the end decided to simply describe what my imagination saw in them. You will surely see something different, but the reward is in the looking.

Three beasts rising up above the trees, sitting on their haunches and looking toward the left - children's toy versions of (L to R) a Tyrannosaurus (with an eye!), a Crocodile and an Elephant:

 Alpine peaks with a gray cloud stuck on the pointed top of one of them:

 A chubby dog, sitting upright and begging for food:

 An arm emerged out of the blue sky, with its fist clenched, and soundly punched the cloud to the left:

 A mother cloud, giving birth to its second baby, the first baby already heading off to join the herd:

 You think that you can tell the size and shape of that cloud, but there is a hole in its center which leads the explorer upward and into a different dimension, a place which the earthbound observer can only dream about:

 Playful clouds, taking turns flinging each other out into the wondrous sky. The little cloud on the left has just been launched, giggling with glee, its little arms lifted up, and trailing bits of itself behind as it goes:

 A big mouthed cloud, jaws open wide, as a doctor cloud looks down its throat. Will the doctor pronounce it a case of the "Cumulus Cold?"

 From somewhere down in the trees, a white rocket ship of cloud has launched itself up into the sky, on its way to higher levels than the boring, unadventurous clouds might ever imagine:

 Sea creatures in the sky, and they each have a highly developed sense of humor. I can see the glee on their faces:

 Mount Ararat, rising up above the lands of eastern Turkey. I can see Noah's Ark, encapsulated in the ice near the summit. It appears only as a dark smudge because it is inside the ice and snow, but contained therein is a marvelous bit of Biblical history to marvel at:

 Clouds at the county fair, having fun and spinning cotton candy for their friends:

 A baby whale, chasing schools of krill through the ocean: