Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blue And Remy, A Picture Album

I had a lot of photos of my horsey boys, but the camera had numbered them in odd ways, making it difficult to arrange in narrative form. I decided instead to just present them as numbered - some inside the barn, some in the north field, some in the south field. Both little horses were becoming such barn bums (as you can see by this photo of Remy) that I began locking them outside during the day:

 Not that being outdoors was in any way burdensome. It's really rather idyllic, especially this year with the lower population of biting flies:

 Blue and Remy "helping" me clean the barn:

 Blue, feasting on young, tender grass:

 And Remy doing likewise:

 Just look at Blue's shiny coat! He's looking pretty spiffy:

 I found this bloody sore on Remy's face and borrowed some wound spray from a neighbor. I also found the spot which caused it, a place where thick fence wires were sticking out. Remy was scratching his itches on them - but can do so no longer, now that I've bent them all backwards:

 Blue in the north field, where the grass was tall:

 Near the stock tank, eating short, dead grass when there was a whole field of luscious greenery right behind him. You'd have to ask Blue what was going through his head at the time:

 Remy runs to greet me whenever I enter the field. He's as lovable as a dog:

 And he loves his cows also:

 In the south field, grazing near the Box Elder tree. My two little horses may not have any real work to do, but they sure are wonderful and friendly pets:

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