Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Indoor/Outdoor Pets

It's been a pleasant summer for the dogs. They get lots of rest indoors - and lots of rest outdoors. In this case, they also got the shade and sweet perfume of the Rugosa Roses:

 Seamus enjoys his time outdoors but if it's warm and sunny, he finds a shady spot:

 Bramble is happy to sit on a windowsill and watch for birds outside:

 Two "Poodly" buddies at the foot of the stairs, Fergus and Seamus:

 Bugsy, the bad boy of the house. He's not actually bad, but he sure is mischievous:

Daisy has forgotten her roots as an abandoned barn cat and made herself at home as a pampered house cat:

 Seamus and Fergus, again at the foot of the stairs:

 Little Daphne, keeping her eyes on me:

 And Seamus and Jack watched me through the Rugosa Roses:

 I was mowing the dog yard, so Clover hid inside the dog house:

Again on their ramp, a favorite spot:

 Daphne, the little dog with the big personality:

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